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In addition to his clinical and practical experience Dr. Schmitt is using the most up to date technology to find the right diagnostics. High-end Sonografic / Doppler exploration and bone mass density machinery allow real time diagnostics without the need for x-rays. These methods are both non-invasive and pain free. Specialist services include:-
  • Mini-evasive key-hole surgery for knee, shoulder,
    ankle and elbow joints
  • Sonografic exploration of sports injuries (shoulder, hip, knee)
  • Foot surgery (bunion operations, fusions etc.)
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Sports medicine
  • Surgery of sports injuries (fracture, ligament, tendon ruptures)
  • Shoulder surgery (rotator cuff reconstruction, instabilities)
For more information on the specialities offered or to arrange an appointment with Dr. Schmitt at one of his clinics please click here for contact details.

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